10 Points You Should Know About Moles

We have already covered few articles about Moleoscopy, mole interpretation, and others. But this topic is about the general facts of moles. Studying of mole can ease your life in many ways.

Here We Are With Some Unknown Facts About Moles

  1. Moles are often analyzed in Chinese medicine.
  2. Moles increase in number during teenage.
  3. Moles darken during pregnancy.
  4. Moles start disappearing after the age of 40.
  5. When the mole is hidden, it is considered to be more significant. 
  6. Moles on-ear can exactly tell about the personality of the native in Chinese astrology.
  7. Mole on the right or left corner of lips also called as “Food luck” mole.
  8. Mole interpretation starts from 480 B.C.
  9. Moles are tumor in the skin as a neoplasm. 
  10. Moles present at the time of birth are called congenital nevi or birthmarks. 

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